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Many Ideas For Become a Teacher Blogger

Everyone can live more than one job. Especially, the era of digitalization giving opportunities for us to be able to have side activities. 

 I am a teacher, and a blogger. 

What is a blogger? A blogger is someone who owns and manage a blog or website. What is the content contained in a blog? 

 The blog is like a website. Blog about personal website. More is easier and simple. So this blog is usually privately owned. This blog is just like a journal, note, or diary.

 Images or videos giving blog more power. For becoming a blogger we must have writing skills, making video editing illustrations and others. 

Writing and photography skills alone are enough. This supports the blog content getting more and more interesting. 

 I started having a blog in 2007 with free domain. Not focused for make a content. In 2019, I have get a premium domain. I'm proud. 

Then, I focus make a content in my blog. Creating a blog is easy. managing it is difficult. 

So, writing the blog every day. I posted a lot of things. Many activities can write in a blog. My Daily Life give many inspiration. In my schools there are many activities.

 The Maulid of the Prophet Muhammad which was carried out on Friday, October 14, 2022. ROHIS, student organizations as organizers this event. All students and teachers of Al-Qudwah Integrated High School be participant. The speaker is Mr. Ivan Said Affandi. 

 Another time, I write about a futsal match on Saturday, October 8, 2022. there are six teams in this competition. Exciting match! It's not just about who wins or loses but friendship and fairplay. 


 My Daily Life must be neat. That's why I prepared it from home. I prepared for this. What I do? I prepared stationery and record this agenda. With 5W+1H news to release the post. 

I also recorded the video. Then I uploaded it to my Youtube by IndiHome, Internet Provider as product Telkom Group.

 IndiHome be best choice Internet Provider for my school. Even, I use this Internet Provider in my home. The large size files remain fast because of upload so fast. 

 My Daily Life can make the work get done faster. When there is an activity I have prepared to make news. Even the concept already. 

When on site stay add with the necessary things. Find many ideas for blogging with this Internet Provider. 
We can posting simple activities. 

Even whatever the activity. My Daily Life as inspiration for blog content. Too much work experience that can be written. I use IndiHome as Internet Provider to support my blogger activities. IndiHome the best option for Internet Fixed Broadband.

 Teachers can meet good this from his students. This could be idea for post a blog. Isn't it easy? Get ideas anyway by surfing the internet by IndiHome

 Blogger must be observant of seeing. Then write it as a content. Use Internet Fixed Broadband to be professional blogger. The daily experience is a lot. Let's save it in a blog story by Internet Fixed Broadband. My Daily Life is not far from managing a blog. I make the blog better with illustration, picture, or videos. There is no day without blog. Believe me, blog is fun!

Maybe, not always our content is visiting a lot, our content is useful. Don't be shy sharing our story with a blog. It’s chance be known to the world. Read if you want to know the world. Write if you want to be known to the world.

7 comments for "Many Ideas For Become a Teacher Blogger"

  1. I believe what you are doing now, as a teacher-blogger, will inspiring your students. That's really great job and you have multiple skills. Never stop learning.

  2. it's make me very happy and grateful too if my content helpful other people :D